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The Origin of the Idea and the Concept
Tisserande in activity on her loom and printing silk with block

Tela Tissea is a family-run company created by Valérie Jacquin and her daughter, Julie Delvalle. Both are passionate about Art and have made it their life’s work : Valérie has been a decorative fabric distributor for 30 years and Julie is an Art Historian specialising in the 18th century period.

“ We value exceptional, rare and authentic textile creations that embody true creativity and know-how. With our concept, original creations reclaim their rightful place ! We want to enable customers to rediscover techniques that are slowly but surely dying out, and preserve skilled craftsmanship that is struggling in the face of global industrial manufacturing.

We want to help artists and artisans assert their identity, heritage and culture.

Benefiting from a wealth of partnerships and contacts with over 350 artists worldwide, our website has now become a drop shipping hub. Works and creations are exhibited online and then shipped directly from workshops to the customer using FEDEX services. This secure website aspires to become a modern, international showcase. Artist and artisan profiles are provided in depth and given pride of place to promote the human dimension and reassure customers of the authentic skillsof each of our creative partners.

Creations are presented to different targets : decorators, costume designers , designers , hatmakers , fashion designers or private individuals .They will be regularly forwarded to the various communication channels: press, social media, and so on.

With this exclusive website, we will showcase your designs in the most enticing way and ensure that you are valued for your know-how and creativity. Please feel free to use the contact form to send us requests or ask questions. Join us" www.telatissea.com

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12 Valued Woven Crafts
Floral silk jacquard and colorful weaver fabric

1 The Fabrics

Artisan or living heritage manufacturers weaves created by the metre, all types of material used, even uncommon ones (metal, plastic, leather, etc...).

White lace with needle

2 The Lace

Bobbin or needle lace, unique pieces or by the metre. Contemporary or classic designs. Living-heritage manufacturers embodying historical value.

Tapestry of  Inca inspiration created by Maximo Laura

3 The Tapestry

High or low warp mural art work, upholstery or pieces to be used for decorative purposes or for leather goods.

Felt and silk scarves with flower inlay

4 The Felt

Mural art work, unique pieces for inlaying felt on different materials (silk, etc.) or for creating accessories.

Abstract portrait with wire and wood / embroidered landship

5 The Textile Design

All types of textile worked to create a unique piece.Textile art works that are embroidered, painted, sewn, shaped...

Vegetable impressions, buffered and batik

6 The Textile Printing

Finishing for all types of textile, using only natural products and without mechanical production ( plant, blocks, linocut, batik...).

Colorful floral embroideries

7 The Embroidery

Using thread or ribbon on a variety of materials. Hand-made or mechanically produced ( limited editions).Contemporary models or classic designs.

Gold weaving ribbon

8 The Trimmings

Artisan and/or traditional weaving for decorative or fashion-design purposes. Living-heritage trimmings.

Skeins of natural tinted wool

9 The Wool and the Yarn

Artisan or living-heritage manufacturer yarn and/or dyeing ( natural dyes and non-polluting fixing agents)

Ancient and artisanal buttons (wood and mother-of-pearl)

10 The Buttons

Creations of buttons made of different materials : jewels, wood, metal, animal hair, plant fibres, shelles, glass, bone, ceramic...

Handmade fashion accessories: silk scarves,  felt hat

11 The Accessories

Finished products from the above-cited craft trades : cushions, rugs, scarves, leather goods, hats... Fashion or soft-fumishing accessories.

Fashion mannequin wearing an ecru woolen coat

12 The Prêt-à-porter clothing

Clothes produced by the above-cited craft trades. One-off or limited edition items. Designed and created by artisans using the raw materials of their trade

Share your expertise, increase your visibility and be part of an International Textile Arts and Crafts Gallery !

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